dress codes

Stripping involves a lot more than simply taking your clothes off. Anybody can do that. The skill and art is doing so in a way that’s seductive, appealing, captivating and powerful. State of mind is EVERYTHING when you are working on being a successful lap dancer. Most of the sale is decided by personality and charisma, not totally on appearance and dress codes. However, that being said, presentation can tip the balance or draw a client in initially, giving you that opportunity to shine. It is always advisable to ensure the basics of good hygiene and grooming are adhered to. Hair, skin and nails should be clean, well maintained and tidy. Smell is important and no matter how beautifully kept you are, poor hygiene appeals to very few people. It should go without saying that you should ensure you are freshly showered before shifts and monitor hygiene throughout your shift.

Gowns and dress codes

Some clubs require dancers to be more covered, either whenever on the club floor, or more often, before midnight. These dress codes can be for a variety of reasons. One of those most common is local legislation and licensing requirements. Another reason is to create a certain atmosphere in the clubs. Champagne clubs very often have a gown requirement and the idea is that it communicates a classier, more refined and, therefore, more expensive environment. The key to finding a killer gown is stick to what works for you. Just because you love a certain style, cut or colour on another dancer, doesn’t mean it will translate to your body type. Stay true to yourself and you won’t get wrong.

There are a huge variety of dressmakers and brands that specialise in stripper dresses, specifically. Cut outs, sequins, necklines, two pieces and skirt slits can all make a gown totally unique. Whilst black is a safe and classic colour, don’t be afraid to leave your comfort zone. The more you stand out, the more publicity you will attract.

Lingerie clubs

There are many clubs that allow dancers to wear whatever they wish. This creates an untold variety of options. Use this opportunity to use your outfits as a form of self expression. Nothing is too much in a strip club and embrace it! Wigs, extreme make up, accessories, exciting shoes, stockings and unique outfit compositions can be fun and exciting and customers will feel and acknowledge that. However, if your personality is a little more low key, rock that girl next door look with pride. As with gown clubs, be true to yourself and be comfortable in whatever you choose. Self-confidence is sexier than any fishnets or corsets.

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