Influencers for a proactive and empowering space

If you want to work with a new and exciting website that is completely dedicated to helping sex workers proactively and in a practical way, you are headed in the right direction. We are looking for influencers. We truly believe there is a empty, but necessary, space in the sex worker universe for true empowerment. Many women love and enjoy being in the industry, we embrace that. There are women that are using the industry as a stop gap for a variety of reasons. We also support those with no judgement or pressure.

Whatever the reason, having a back up or retirement plan is financial astute. There is much instability in the sex industry. A career can grind to a halt due to injury, change in circumstances or legislation change. Many financial and business advisors recommend having multiple revenue streams to keep things reliable. This is why we think that providing support and extra marketing to sex worker owned businesses is crucial.

We will consider ALL influencers

Showgirls International is always on the look our for exciting fresh faces to represent the movement! If you are an established influencer or an aspiring influencer, we would love to hear from you. We have a range of offers for profiles with 500 followers and up. To see how you could benefit from becoming a Showgirls International brand ambassador, send us an email with your details, social media handles and a little bit about yourself.

We will move with your growth

We understand that the aim of social media is growth. Consequently, we are flexible with our brand ambassador packages and we will adjust our partner terms in line with your increasing popularity. There is nothing to lose by getting in touch!

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