lingerie sizing

Being sexy is a state of mind. However, there is nothing that feels sexier than feeling yourself, feeling confident and loving your power. Sexy is smells, textures, the senses. Luxurious lace, soft chiffon and leather for a more risky sensation. A great outfit and lingerie can take you from mundane to magnificent in minutes. The right lingerie sizing is a non negotiable when it comes to looking, and feeling, great.

There are no hard and fast rules for what’s the best lingerie for you. The only rule for whatever style you choose is make sure everything fits correctly and in a way that flatters your shape. Size is purely a number so don’t be scared to size up if it creates a better silhouette. The wrong lingerie sizing will cut in and create unflattering lumps and bumps, most commonly cutting the breastsĀ  into four, spilling out of the elasticated back and waistbands cutting into the hips. Curves are beautiful and sexy, unnatural shapes are not so much.

lingerie sizing

What will the right lingerie sizing look like on me?

When trying on lingerie and finding the right fit you need to make sure any elasticated areas don’t pinch or squeeze. Bra straps shouldn’t dig into shoulder and cups should comfortably hold breasts without pinching, nor gaps. The back strap should sit straight across the back without pulling upwards. Bottoms shouldn’t be overly tight or restrictive (unless you have shopped from our fetish collection) as this can lead to infections, besides being uncomfortable.

Shop our collections and have peace of mind

Shopping with the Showgirls International Store gives you peace of mind and a chance to ensure you get the right lingerie for you. Our Refunds and Returns policy allows you 45 days to try on items and return them if they are aren’t a fit, as long as they are in an unused condition, with the packaging intact.

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