Lingerie Styles

Beautiful lingerie styles have the power to make you feel instantly sexy, luxurious and powerful. When picking out the right lingerie styles for you, its important to remember that you are unique. As a result, you will look the best in a bra set or panty style that flatters your dimensions and shape.

A variety of lingerie styles are stunning when fitted correctly

The number one rule of picking out the best underwear set is fit. Pay special attention to elastic digging in at places such as the straps, round the torso and round the legs. ALWAYS opt for a size up if it creates a better silhouette. Nobody sees the label inside but will see a badly fitting bra, even with clothes on top. 4 boobs, back fat, muffin tops. Common rookie errors when fitting underwear that quickly take you from fab to flab. Even on the slimmest figure. Alternatively, curves are wonderful, embrace them if you have them. However, aim for Renaissance masterpiece, not Burger King.

Identify your ‘problem’ areas

First of all, bodies are beautiful and body acceptance is powerful. Strength and power of mind instantly makes a person attractive and charismatic. There has never been a time where self love has been so important. In a world that is incredibly uncertain and changing continuously, the one constant we have is ourselves. Physical maintenance and staying mentally level will make all the difference in a world of anxiety and isolation. That being said, it is possible to self evaluate to be your best and create the best outcome. We have many options here at the Showgirls International Store to cover many common insecurities.

  • Mum tum

Your body created a miracle life, however, if it affects your confidence, high waisted pants and corsets can be a god send. We have some beautiful options such as the Beatrice Cincher, a stunning chemise such as the Kirstie dress and the Zulaj Set with it’s high briefs can disguise that hard to shift area.

lingerie sets
Beatrice Corset Set
Kirstie Dress
Zulaj Set
  • Top Heavy

Everyone loves a bosom for a pillow. However, a larger chest can be a fine line between buxom and matronly. Picking lingerie styles that add shape to the bottom half can draw the eye to more balanced proportions. Our Passion Expression Set with it’s flaring skirt, Passion Red Set┬áset, or our Flyaway Babydoll with it’s A-line are great options.

Passion Expression Set
Passion Red Set
Flyaway Babydoll
  • Smaller Chest

Having a smaller chest has many benefits. No back pain and clothes fitting easier are just two reasons. Life is all about balance and underwear choices are no different. If you are bottom heavy, picking bras and lingerie styles that draw the eye to the top half can create the illusion of symmetry. Frills such as on the Marie Corset Set and embellishments such as on the Idrisa Set are two beautiful options for this issue.

Marie Corset Set
Idrisa Set
  • Athletic Build

Being active is great for health and mental wellbeing. Some people are naturally built like they run marathons regularly. This body type is more of a straight line shape, which can be softened with lingerie styles that pull in at the waist like the Ileen Set with suspenders and the bondage style Alexis Set.

Ileen Set
  • Covering up but still sexy

Some just feel more comfortable wearing slightly more. That doesn’t mean you can’t still be sexy. Negligee, dresses and sets keep you relatively covered but allow you to show the parts you feel comfortable with. The stunning Bouquet Robe, the Maya dress or something a little different like our Officer outfit can give you that confidence boost.

Bouquet Robe
Maya Dress

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