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Making money on webcam is hot right now. Covid-19 has created a very strange new world in which we are equally disconnected and connected. The nightlife industry has ground to a halt worldwide, including strip clubs. Retail is shut and people are being forced to work from home. There is an unfortunate wave of people losing their jobs entirely. Things are extremely unstable, stressful and lonely for some as more and more countries lockdown. However, the enjoyment of sex and sexuality is something that is universal. It can provide much needed relief and distraction from worries and anxieties.

At a time where personal interaction is fraught with risk, webcam sites provide a safe haven for clients to see their favourite performers.

Do I need specialist equipment for making money on webcam?

For sure, having the best quality camera, lighting and sound you can afford will help you look and sound your best. However, if you are starting out and fund are limited, do not let this stop you pursuing a webcam career if that is what you want to do. Most phones and laptops come with cameras and these can be utilised to get going. Any laptop thats less than a few years old will be sufficient. In time, finding a model with the highest RAM and CPU capacity you get your hands on is preferable to ensure smooth and efficient streaming.

Looking the part always helps, in any situation. Shop our selection of lingerie and toys to bring your shows to the next level.

How much money can I make doing webcam?

This is a question that’s virtually impossible to answer with specifics. What is known is that you get out, what you put in. If you are wanting to pursue a webcam career to make instant cash, you may struggle if you don’t already have a strong social media, or media, presence. The rewards can be great and consistent, but it takes time to build up a profile. Be prepared to make little to nothing initially. However, don’t make the mistake many beginners make and give up too quickly. It will come in time and with consistency and effort. Eventually, you can be earning a solid income with great regulars, especially if you dedicate time to promoting yourself.

How do I keep my identity secret?

This is one of the most common questions and concerns with starting a webcam career. Contrary to popular belief, there is no obligation to show your face when webcamming. Wear a mask or film from the neck down if you so wish. Ensure you have covered up any identifying tattoos or birthmarks as these can be an instant giveaway. Not showing your face could potentially negatively impact your earnings but if you eventually acquire a couple of good and trusted regulars, you can still pick up the cash.

If you are not as concerned about screenshots, but more worried about a family friend spotting you, most popular sites have country blocking in their settings to prevent certain audiences from viewing your content. It is always advisable to work with a VPN downloaded, especially if you are working on WiFi networks, to keep things from getting hacked. Read our article on staying safe online for more tips.

What sites can I use?

Most webcam sites run off one of two models. Premium and Freemium. An example of Premium is LiveJasmin. Viewers pay for site membership and, in order to have any interaction with the models, they have to commit first. Freemium examples include MyFreeCams and Chaturbate. On these sites, all models have open rooms that people can view for free. Models offer incentives for tips such as a strip for x amount, spanking for y amount and toy play for z amount. Whilst not everyone will tip, the amount of footfall passing through free sites gives more opportunities for picking up clients. Premium sites limits time wasters, but as a result, there is less traffic.

I don’t have the body for webcam

The first rule of making money as a sex worker is, confidence. If you aren’t confidence, fake it until you make it. Do whatever it takes, whether that be beautiful make up, a gorgeous set of lingerie or those shoes that make you feel like a deity. There truly is a niche and fetish for absolutely everything. In fact, if you aren’t run of the mill in looks, you stand to benefit a lot more. You want to stand out from the crowd. If you have voluptuous curves, embrace them. Gorgeous feet?There are clients that will pay a premium to get a peek. Figure out what your unique selling point is and run with it. Set your own genre and take yourself to a level above your competition by knowing your product.

These are some of the basics of making money on webcam. Camming is an industry that is still relatively new, therefore there are always new innovations and changes to keep up with. With a bit of time and patience, however, you can build a flexible, lucrative and enjoyable career from the comfort of your own home.

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