‘Sex work is real work’

A extremely relevant, popular, true and self explanatory phrase that is used across the board. When approached in a professional manner, working as a self employed sex worker requires a level of organisation and planning. Some manage this with no issue or difficulty but, if you don’t, you are not alone. There are many different types of intelligence and different people have different skill sets. None are more valid or respectable than the other. However, a strong business owner is able to recognise weaknesses in the chain to create a stronger and, therefore, more profitable outcome. This is when outsourcing can be priceless in what in can add to your profitability.

‘You have to speculate to accumulate’

A true and tested term within the business sphere. Whilst this should be considered with caution, there is a lot to be said for getting help when the best of your ability. Especially, if it isn’t of the standard to get you ahead. Bookings management, social media management, content management and mentorship can be the most valuable investment into your business you will ever make. Consistency is everything within business. Furthermore, if you struggle to post regularly, or keep on top of your bookings, it can hit you in the pocket very hard. Finally, credibility can make all the difference in creating a regular income. Reliable sex workers get repeat bookings and are extremely employable by venues. Sometimes the right help can keep it all in the right direction.

Outsourcing right will ensure brand success

It is very important to outsource in a viable and beneficial way. The best way to establish where the weaknesses are is to be honest with yourself. Brutally so. You know what you struggle with and what is the source of stress in your work life. Where possible, find people via word of mouth as you can familiarise yourself, objectively, with their track record. Invest in your business and stop holding yourself back if it’s what you need. If you are the proportion that’s able to market your brand single handedly, lucky you! However, with the internet such a vast environment, there is help out there for everyone. Growth is the ultimate goal and fresh eyes with different experiences and expertise can take things to that next level.

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