There is no question about it, COVID-19 put the brakes on many part of life and society as we know it. The entertainment industry was the first to close and the last to reopen. There’s no disputing the fact that we have taken a huge hit on a massive scale. However, clear skies always follow a storm and, whilst there have been many changes in the industry, recovery is happening and things are slowly heading to our new normal. We have a number of strip club jobs available for dancers returning to work.

Many dancers have expressed a variety of emotions about returning to work. Some have been excited and feel reinvigorated and ready to make money with a new appreciation for the job. Some are feeling anxious, nervous and apprehensive about uncertainty ahead. Whatever camp you are in, there are some steps you can take to ensure your return is effective.

Save, save, save

The last 18 months has taught is that life can be unpredictable and things can change at a moments notice. If you weren’t a saver before, make sure you are now. COVID-19 hasn’t gone away and it would be extremely wise to ensure that you are putting a proportion of your earnings away, just in case. Dancing can be great money, and it’s a fabulous opportunity to secure a future, if executed smartly.

Avoid burnout

Burnout is real. Whilst it can be tempting to work all night, every night, make sure you keep an eye on your limits and mental health. Late nights, alcohol, lack of sleep and disrupted routines can really impact mental health. If you are chasing that bag, make sure you practise self-care and listen to your body. Going from zero-100 after such a long break can be a big shock to the system.

Stay safe

Unfortunately, life pre COVID is a distant memory. Staying safe should be a massive priority when returning to work. Lateral flow tests before work is the responsible approach to take and, if a customer is making you feel uncomfortable with possible symptoms, listen to your gut and proceed with caution. Money is not worth your health and wellbeing. Additionally, without these, the wealth will stay elusive.

Enjoy returning to work!

Despite all the challenges of the pandemic, many can agree that we just want things to go back to normal. Whilst we have no way of being able to predict the future, we should take this as extra impetus to enjoy the moment. As the saying goes, make hay whilst the sun shines, bank that cash and be prepared for whatever life may throw.


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