The world is becoming more and more digital everyday and the sex industry is absolutely no exception. Sites such as OnlyFans and AdmireMe have hit the market in a big way and there are celebrities and influencers that using these platforms for selling content openly, as well as sex workers. These sites remain extremely popular within the community because it offers creators a level of autonomy over their work, flexibility to work from anywhere, at any time and yet still remaining relatively safe. Models set their own prices, are responsible for their own marketing and can present themselves in any way they wish without be constrained by club or licensing rules.

Selling content is long term, not quick cash

Selling content can provide some much needed financial stability in the long term. Whilst there is likely to be some fluctuation in subscriber count, this is unlikely to have any huge variations month to month. If you post quality content consistently, there is no reason why you shouldn’t grow steadily over time, if you maintain a solid marketing strategy. However, if you are looking to make some quick cash, this isn’t the best avenue to head down. Unless, that is, you already have a strong social media presence and can direct your followers to your content page. Keep at it, be patient and, ideally, have a secondary income initially. This way you can make the transition into content selling less stressful.

A common issue creators have when starting out is an aversion to creating content for no subscribers. As tricky as it is, focus on building a good quality feed with plenty of material and your profile will make huge leaps in kerb appeal for potential clients. As with a strip club, you are working in a highly competitive space. You need to illustrate why a client should subscribe to you every month. Think of a profile like your resume. Provide teasers of what can be expected from you in terms of quality and theme.

“Make a wishlist, share with your clients and offer to make personalised clips using or wearing their gifts for a generous fee…”

selling content

Social media will be your best friend

The best and most efficient way to get a content page off the ground is through savvy use of social media. This should be exercised wisely as breaching guidelines can result in a ban. Facebook and Instagram tend to have fairly strict terms of service and are more hardline on explicit or suggestive posts. Twitter and Reddit are worth their weight in gold for sex workers due to their more open minded approach to content. Research relevant hashtags related to your niche and if you are accommodating of specific kinks, say it loud and clear. Whatever makes you stand out, be sure to highlight. Clients know to looks on these platforms to find their next fantasy so make sure you get spotted.

Social media isn’t for everyone. If you struggle, hiring a social media manager can make life a lot less stressful and allows you to just focus on creating content instead. Many girls do this with great success and some are totally happy doing it themselves. Only you can decide if outsourcing is for you.

Nurture regulars and customise clips

Like any business, make sure you nurture those that return and show you consistent love. Run bonuses to make it exciting and fun for your subscribers. Maybe a free personalised super short clip on 6 months of subscription, or a signed photo when they reach a certain number in tips. Get creative with it and make it a challenge. Everyone loves free stuff and some exciting engagement! Another really great way to form further intimacy with your subscribers is by custom content selling. Make a wishlist, share with your clients and offer to make personalised clips using or wearing their gifts for a generous fee. You get inspired, can request higher compensation and your client gets something they contributed to. Everyone wins!

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