Work this strip club job in Antwerp, one of the diamond centres of the world. This is a topless only club.

Working Hours: Dancers work 6 nights per week. 10pm-6am Tuesday-Thursday and Sunday, 10pm-7am on Friday and 11pm-8am on Saturday.

Dress Code: Dancers must have a selection of outfits including long dresses, lingerie, bikinis and high heeled shoes that are comfortable for dancing.

Contract Length: Contracts are a month in length minimum. There are to start and end mid week. No contracts are to end on Fri/Sat/Sun nights.

Commission:  Fixed salary of €60 is paid Tuesday-Thursday. On Friday, Saturday, Sunday, a guaranteed salary of €80 is paid. If the dancer earns below this amount, the club will top up to this amount. If a dancer earns more than this, the club pay nothing. Drinks commission includes a payout of €40 from Moet Brut, €80 from Moet Rose and €160 from Moet Magnum. Dancers earn €15 from each lapdance, topless only. There is a €35 bonus paid, every 5 lapdances sold.

Tips: The club operates a house dollars system where €2 of club dollars converts to €1 for the dancer. Cash tips must be converted to club dollars.

Payment: Tips are paid every morning and the fixed salary and commissions are paid at the end of contract.

Accommodation: A fully furnished apartment with WiFi is provided at a cost of €13 per night.

All paperwork and registration is lodged with the authorities so dancer work with full employee benefits in Belgium. This includes workers rights, holiday pay, sick pay and healthcare benefits. Apply for this strip club job in Antwerp today!