Enjoy a beautiful location and once in a lifetime opportunity with this strip club job in Cape Town. This club has been running in this location for over a decade and is a tightly run ship. Highly organised, the right dancer can thrive in this club and they are always on the lookout for focused, professional women with great sales skills. This is a full nude club.

Dress Code: Dancers are required to bring long, classy gowns to work in and a selection of fantasy outfits and lingerie. There is assistance available for the fantasy outfit.

Contract Length: It is recommended to do a contract of three months to make the trip cost effective, but this can be negotiated. The club can also be flexible on breaking up the contract so dancers can explore the country.

Working Hours: The club is open Monday-Saturday and dancers are expected to work 5 nights a week. Sunday is always off and one other day, excluding weekends. Club opening hours are 7pm-4am.

Stage Shows: Pole dancing is for 2 songs, on one of three stages. The second song is topless. Dancers are also required to do one fantasy show per week, with help from the club choreographer.

Commission: Dancers get 20% on their Champagne sales. Prices range from R2350-R22000 (approx. €140-€1320)

For Dances:

  • 2 song table dance- R300 (approx €18)
  • 2 song lap dance- R250 (approx €15)
  • 15 minute VIP fantasy dance- R800 (approx €48)
  • 30 minute VVIP library dance- R2000 (approx €120)

Club Fees: R3950 (approx €240) is charged per week and this includes the cost of accommodation. The first week can be put on account and paid at the end of the first week but is required in advance following this. The club provides access to a make up artist, nurse, stage manager and dance instructors for an extra fee.

Payment: Payment is in cash daily.

Accommodation: Dancers are housed in a secure housing complex with a swimming poole and amenities near the club. WiFi is extra cost so a local SIM with data is recommended. The rent is included in the club fees.

Travel: Dancers cover their own travel.

Visas: Contact us for more information about visa options.