This club is a very established club located in Norway’s capital city. Our strip club job in Oslo is in demand and popular with our ladies.

Dress Code: All dancers need to have sexy outfits, long and short dresses. At least 6 outfit changes are required. Dancers also need at least 3 fantasy character costumes for their main stage show performances on Fridays/Saturday nights. This could include Superwoman, Bride, Policewoman, Maid or Nurse.

Stage Show: The dancer must bring their own music on CD or USB stick for shows. There are 2 stages, the main and the tipping stage. Shows are 2 songs in length and fully nude is required for 1 minutes on the main stage and the tipping stage is topless only. 5-7 shows per night.

Contract Length:  Contracts are 2-4 weeks in length. 6 days a week is required with Sunday off, working 6.5 hours per night.

Commission: The club doesn’t pay a fixed salary. Private dance of 8 minutes is 1600kr (dancers receive 600kr) , lap dance of 3.5 minutes is 500kr (dancers receive 300kr), bachelors show of 8-10 minutes is 1500kr (dancers receive 900kr). Dancers receive 100% of tips. Guaranteed salary of 300kr per day. If the dancer makes under this amount, the club will top up earnings. If the dancer makes more than this, the club pays nothing. Dances are fully nude.

Dancers will earn the following from drinks: Piccolo 100kr, Champagne 300kr, 600kr, 800kr, 1000kr.

Payment: Payment is made monthly via bank transfer on the 10th. Dancers are required to pay 15% tax on earnings.

Accommodation: There is an apartment provided a 10 minute walk from the club. It is fully furnished, with internet. There is a cost of 600kr per week.

Travel Expenses: The club do not pay for travel expenses. It is possible to take the cost of travel from the dancers tax. To do this a plane ticket or receipt and a passport copy needs to be sent 2 weeks before booking.


Dancers are expected to be responsible for their self employed status and act in a professional manner. Open to ages 20-35, to dancers with a good level of conversational English. The club also requires good communication skills, self confidence, honest applications and photos that are no more than 30 days old. Apply for this strip club job in Oslo today.