This strip club job in St. Maarten gives dancers the opportunity to spend their days enjoying the world famous beaches and tropical island life, whilst making a good income. Truly the best of both worlds. Fully nude club.

Dress Code: Dancers are required to bring 3 different outfits per night.

Working Hours: 5 nights per week, Tuesday-Sunday, 10pm-5am.

Lap Dance Prices: $30 per 3 minute dance, $40 for couples.

House Fee: $30 per night.

Tips: Dancer keeps 100%

Stage Shows: 2 songs per rotation and frequency is based on number of girls working.

Accommodation: Free Accommodation provided in a nearby apartment with WiFi and aircon.

Travel: Dancer covers travel

Visas: Club will cover visa for contracts of 6 months. Smaller contracts will require the dancer to contribute to the processing fees.