Showgirls International Dancer Terms and Conditions

**Client=Club/Venue/Management, Artist=Dancer/Hostess/Performer

1. Showgirls International verifies that all clients advertised have gone through our rigorous verification process and available contracts are as described. Showgirls International also has an artist verification process that all artists must be willing to commit to.

2. All bookings and contact between any artist and client introduced must be carried out through Showgirls International.

3. Once a booking has been agreed, the length, location and details of contract will be confirmed in writing to the artist by Showgirls International. This is legally binding and is subject to action if not adhered to. If, for any reason, the artist is unable to fulfil the agreed booking, Showgirls International must be informed 48 hours before the start of contract. Any reasons and penalties for cancellations after this time is at the discretion of Showgirls International.

4. Contract details can be renegotiated on agreement of all parties (client, artist, agent).

5. All artists are subcontractors and responsible for their own taxation. Showgirls International are an agency that matches dancers to venues and therefore not liable for individual contributions. All artists and clients will have separate contractual agreements related to each specific venue. Showgirls International is not liable for these agreements.

6. Any issues or disputes arising with the client must be brought to the attention of Showgirls International and given the opportunity to be rectified.

7. Any behaviour from an artist representing Showgirls International that jeopardises licensing or the reputation of any venue related to the client, such as drug use and prostitution, is grounds for cancellation of contract by the client and Showgirls International and removal of artist from the venue at no cost to Showgirls International.

8. All dancers can be assured that clients are under obligation to provide a safe, clean working environment for the artists representing Showgirls International, free from discrimination and abuse. Showgirls International reserves the right to terminate the contract and remove the artist without prejudice if this is not the case.

9. Any specific dress code or equipment requested by the client and specified by Showgirls International, to the artist, must be adhered to. Showgirls International and the client are not liable for any costs incurred to the artist to bring the situation up to standard if these requests are not met.

10. In the instance of accommodation being provided by the client, the assumption will be made by Showgirls International that the artist will treat the area with respect. Failure to do so will result in termination of contract.

11. In the instance of flights being used, Showgirls International must receive confirmation of check in. If there are any issues relating to any travel arrangements (missed flights/trains etc, cancellations, delays) Showgirls International must be informed immediately.

12. If the artist does not adhere to these terms legal action will be taken for any losses incurred by Showgirls International Ltd or the client. Showgirls International Ltd also reserves the right to cancel current and future contracts with the artist without prejudice. All artists are representatives of Showgirls International and therefore Showgirls International expects all to act with respect, dignity and reliability.