Dildos and vibrators add the fun factor to any sexual liaison. We have an extensive variety of sex toys, chosen with the professional in mind…

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Showgirl International is a dildos and vibrators supplier with nearly 15 years experience in the adult industry. We have curated our items to suit a variety of needs, preferences and kinks. If you need items that are high quality and super sexy, you have come to the right place.

Showgirls International has a range of toys, fetish gear, accessories and items picked with the sex worker, of any form, in mind. If you cam, domme, strip, hostess, shoot scenes, sugar, escort and more, we support you. If you wish to spice things up in your personal life, pay us a visit. We welcome all and refuse to make judgements or assumptions. Make a wishlist and share with your audience and clients to safely receive gifts.

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Support ALL sex workers by buying our dildos and vibrators

Showgirls International is the first and only platform of it’s kind set up to support sex workers. Many have businesses and need, or simply want, tech support and an extra marketing angle. When you buy from our site, you are supporting a sex worker owned, or friendly, business. Showgirls International also understands that sex work takes many forms and is for a variety of reasons. Therefore, it is important to us to support those that need help. A percentage of our profits goes directly to sex worker charities and initiatives. Safety is number one and there are many charities that serve as lifelines to some women. If there is an initiative in your area that you think should be considered for our give back program, please let us know. We carry out a poll every quarter for our followers to decide where their money goes next…

If you are a sex worker with a business, we want you.

We would love to hear from you if you are a current or ex sex worker with a vision. We can provide an established domain name with strong SEO and significant history to springboard from. It is no secret that Instagram and Facebook regularly censor content and delete pages. There is no risk of that on this platform. If you have a great product but are unsure about tech, talk to us. We are happy to accommodate a variety of business models and structures. We believe in power in numbers, so join the movement and kickstart your sales!

See what we are about, share your wishlist and support your local sex worker.