Showgirls International is committed to providing resources. We cover as many sex worker needs as possible. We will provide financial support for strippers in the form of tax advice. Our accountants for strippers are also professional, knowledgeable and with a long history of experience of the industry. Talk to us today if taxes are confusing you!

Accountants for strippers

Taxation can be a minefield.  Furthermore, as most of our contracts require self-assessment, having an open-minded and knowledgable professional on your side can take away a lot of the stress and confusion. We strongly recommend that dancers handle their tax affairs appropriately as there can be large penalties involved if not.

Sympathetic advice

Earning income abroad in one of our clubs creates a different set of rules. There is risk of overpaying if not handled correctly. In addition, it can be a challenge to find accountants for strippers and appropriate tax advice. Therefore, some companies are cautious about association with the industry.

Tax deductibles

Stripping is a business and incurs costs like any other industry. However, these costs can be offset against your taxation. We give you the correct advice on what can and can’t be claimed as a legitimate cost. Consequently, this will save you a lot of money in unnecessary payments.

tax advice strippers

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We are very proud to offer tax advice and accountant services for strippers with a fully chartered professional. In addition, we can guarantee there will be no prejudice or judgement. Unfortunately, this offer is only available to UK residents currently. We only offer this service to strippers currently, due to sex worker laws in place.

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