Rocks Off Rock Chick


G-Spot massager in 2 colourways.



Erotic toys are evolving for the discerning and uninhibited needs of today’s society, new designs, manufacturing techniques and materials have been explored to create a new genre of intimate objects with your pleasure in mind.

The leading light of this revolution is the Rock-Chick with a unique shape specifically designed for exquisite Vaginal “G” spot and clitoral stimulation. This multi-orgasmic combination stimulates you for a truly erotic and sensual experience.

Crafted with style and sensually contoured from silicone to give sensations previously only fantasies were made of.

Cleverly designed in soft flexible silicone to fit the contours of a woman’s body the Rock-Chick is perfect for women who want satisfaction with taste, style and discretion.

Precise stimulation creates an intense sensation from a gentle rocking of yours or your partner’s hand. Small enough to throw into your travel bag and subtle enough to fool even the most discerning eye!

If you would really love to try something new, enjoy exploring and playing with something that feels great, then the Rock-Chick is a “must have” item for your collection. The perfect playmate and worth inviting into your home.

Tip: To suit your mood heat up your wand with hot tap water (1-2 minutes) for comforting warmth or cool it down in the freezer for an icy chill.

*A unique shape that challenges evolution itself, stimulating both clitoris and G spot with every movement.
*Quiet vibrating options – wireless, easy push button.
*A sex toy that does not offend or intimidate.
*A great partner friendly sex toy – they’ll hit your spot every time!