Why partner with Showgirls International?

We want you, if you are a sex worker owned business. By sex worker we do not discriminate between current, retired or anything in between. We know how scary and overwhelming it can sometimes be launching and running a business, especially if you aren’t the most tech savvy. In an industry of hustlers, there are so many women with amazing ideas. However, they are unsure how to go about establishing their online profile. We are here to bridge that gap, whether thats for launching a new brand or providing an extra marketing avenue for an established brand.

What can Showgirls International do for my business?

Social media is hugely important for modern brands but a good website can add credibility and trust for the consumer.

We have worked hard to build a strong and attractive search engine optimisation score, in short, how much search engines like our site. Our domain name is over 4 years old and has over 63,000 references from other websites and this number is growing all of the time. We are giving brands the opportunity to take advantage of this established status that only time and know how can achieve.

Join the collective

Our goal is to create a busy hub for sex workers. The more variety available, the more everybody can cross pollinate each others ventures. Working smart and collectively is always more powerful than being an island. Join an exciting, proactive space where sex workers can support each other and grow together, in a world that prefers to keep sex workers in the shadows.

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