Sex and sexual satisfaction is no longer a shameful or embarrassing subject and sex toys are out of the shadows. Consequently, at the Showgirls International Store, we are at the forefront of the sexual revolution and empowerment of sex workers, performers and those that take inspiration from the powerhouses in the industry.

We stock a wide range of sex toys and adult accessories.Vibrators, butt plugs, accessories, lube and body care and dildos are just a a few categories of the items in stock. Brands such as Lelo, NJoy, Rocks Off and Vibratex can be found in the Showgirls International Store, amongst many, many more.

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Showgirls International is an adult entertainer hub designed by,and for, sex workers of every type and distinction. Shop where the professionals shop for the highest quality and design standards. We curate our sex toy collection for items that you proudly show off and that tickle all the right places. Whether you want the classic bunny, the interactive couples toy, a realistic strap on or you are a little more adventurous and kinks are your thing, we have an extensive range to keep you satisfied.

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We focus on sex toy quality and design. We have professionals in mind.

There are lots of sex toys providers out there. However, few are focused on ensuring there is a variety worthy of a high level porn star. Whether you are shopping for business, or pleasure, we have you covered. If you are looking for a particular item or kink, contact us with your request or suggestions. We can talk to our supplier network to cover a specific request. Additionally, Showgirls International Store is an inclusive, open minded, understanding space. Customer satisfaction is at the forefront of all our values. High street brands made sex toys accessible, we are making them a way of life.