Showgirls International is an empowering and supportive space for all sex workers. This is regardless of specialisation, reasons or background. The world hugely stigmatises those in the industry.  Society regularly defines sex workers by their employment choices rather than their individual identities. The reality of the industry is that, in reflection of wider society, there is no blueprint for whom a sex worker may be.

There are privileged sex workers

There are many that really enjoy their work, the lifestyle it provides and, in many cases, the freedom it can bring. However, the industry does not empower some others. They are trapped and need support and a lifeline. There is responsibility on the haves, to support the have nots. A narrative that every sex worker is a boss babe is hugely damaging to those without a voice. Unfortunately, there is an abundance of feminist groups with little practical experience that insist on providing that voice and, therefore, their own stance. Experienced workers are best equipped to spot signs of a vulnerable worker. Those that know what should and shouldn’t be happening. In addition, those that are familiar with the dynamics and nuances of the job.

Help us choose who benefits

There are many wonderful and powerful organisations all over the world. They help women in the industry in a variety of ways. From providing refuge to giving invaluable warnings and alerts about dangerous clients. Consequently, we support these amazing charities with dedication, in the best way we can. As we are truly an international brand, we understand that many causes are location specific. As a result, we will take nominations between votes. Every quarter we will take 3 nominated causes and hold a poll on our Instagram page. The winner will receive a percentage of all profits until the next vote. Follow us to keep up to date with our polls and nominations.